Victory at Wimbledon May Boost Global Appeal of Andy Murray

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9th July 2013 10:23 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

On Sunday July 7th Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic to become the first British tennis player since Fred Perry to be crowned Wimbledon Champion. The victory at SW19 gives Murray his third major title, following a win in the US and Olympic Gold.

Murray recently upped his social media presence in an attempt to tap in to the potential earning power demonstrated by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and analysts appear to be backing this approach – previously Murray has not fared as well as some of the other top athletes in the world due to a perceived lack of humour and dour personality. This is particularly true in his home country where, market research by Repucom suggests, Murray boasts huge awareness levels but lower than the global average ratings across other aspects used to measure ‘critical celebrity status across the international marketplace’.

Murray ranks lowest in the UK for being seen as a ‘trendsetter’ and a ‘breakthrough’ – although these are also his lowest scores on the global scale, ‘trendsetting’ in particular is markedly lower in the UK.  Some of the key stats from Repucoms Celebrity DBI Index include:

Andy Murray - Wimbledon Win Market Research Celebrity Status

That said, following his win in London, the next years look decidedly positive for Murray in financial and sponsorship terms. Roger Federer is aging, and Rafael Nadal is still to prove himself completely injury free. Both athletes have been with Nike for a long period, and Novak Djokovic is currently sponsored by Uniqlo, meaning that Adidas will likely look to hold on to Murray in order to ensure one of their own in the later stages of the major competitions.

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