World Cup: Official Sponsorship Important To Young Consumers

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3rd June 2014 13:26 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

A recent survey, conducted by Voxburner, shows that 66% of 16 to 24 year olds in the UK said it matters if brands celebrating sports events, such as the World Cup or Olympics, are official sponsors and feature on the relevant logo.

The study, which was carried out in May, 2014, highlights the esteem  in which younger, millennial internet users hold brand sponsorship of sports.

Just over one fifth (22%) of those questioned strongly agreed that brands supporting a sporting event should be official sponsors and appear on the logo, with the other 44% somewhat agreeing. On the other end of the spectrum 8% strongly disagreed that the factors mentioned above matter.

Elsewhere, 63% of respondents admitted they strongly (14%) or somewhat agreed (49%) they were more attracted to products that celebrated topical sporting events on their packaging or promotions around the time of the event.

The overall collation of results indicates younger consumers view unofficial sponsors less favourably, too, with just 21% of recipients opposing organisers’ policing policy to prevent unofficial sponsors receiving publicity.

Four out of 10 interviewees admitted they usually enjoy “ambush marketing” – when an unofficial partner gate-crashes an event or achieves publicity some other way and, notably, a similar proportion of respondents either strongly or somewhat agreed to never even noticing sponsors or official partners associated with sporting events.

A separate, but relevant, study by Dres Consulting also presents the sheer dominance Facebook has when it comes to retrieving sports information on social media sites.

Their study, which was carried out in November, 2013, focused on 1,267 Western European individuals who followed at least one sport on social media. A brief summary of results showed almost half of respondents (46%) turned to Facebook, with 27% looking at comments on sport websites and 12% going to Twitter.

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