1 in 6 Android users plan to upgrade to the iPhone 6, survey finds

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24th March 2015 12:47 - Telecommunications

According to a survey by Cowen & Company - which questioned 3,000 current iPhone 6 users and prospective customers - approximately 1 in 1 in 6 Android users plan to upgrade to the iPhone 6, survey finds 6 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users upgraded from an Android phone.

The findings also showed that more than a third of people in the United States use Apple Pay.

Of the respondents, approximately three quarters of iPhone 6 users were upgrading from Apple devices, with 50 per cent of those upgrading, doing so early in order to get the iPhone 6. A further 5 per cent had never owner a smartphone before.

20 per cent of those upgrading to the iPhone 6 had previously owned an Apple competitor’s phone, of which 83 per cent were Android.

The report claimed: “When taken together, this data impies that about 25 percent of all iPhone 6/6 Plus purchases reported thus far have been ‘virgin’ demand, i.e. users new to (or potentially returning to) the Apple/iOS ecosystem,”

The report added that the most switches (30 per cent), from Apple to Android, took place in China. Closely following China was Japan with 14 per cent, the United Kingdom with 9 per cent, and the United States with 8 per cent.

When looking at those planning to switch to the iPhone 6 in the next year, 42 per cent said that they will be upgrading from a competitor’s phone, 85 per cent of which are Android users.

The survey also found that 61 per cent of those planning to buy and iPhone 6 were also ‘very likely’ or ‘likely’ to buy and Apple Watch. The figure for iPhone 6 users was lower, with just 53 per cent also planning to buy an Apple Watch.

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