45% of people working from home due to COVID-19 finding it difficult to connect to meetings due to poor internet connection, according to survey

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1st April 2020 12:17 - Telecommunications

45% of people working at home due to COVID-19 finding it difficult to connect to meetings due to poor internet connection, according to survey: A survey of UK adults has found that more than two-fifths of people now working at home due to the coronavirus outbreak are having difficulty connecting to video meetings because of poor internet connection, if more than one person in the house is using it. 

The survey of more than 2,000 UK adults by Moneyexpert.com found that video conferencing was indeed creating the 'biggest headache' for people trying to work from home, with seven in ten Brits saying they are more dependent on having a good internet connection than they ever have been before.

The research found that 59% of respondents surveyed said they have increased their internet usage since the measures to stay and work from home were introduced by the Government in March. Two-fifths said that they are now using the web for different means, with almost a third saying tasks such as online shopping and video calls are more challenging than they were.

When asked about what they are using their internet service for, six in ten (61%) said they are using it to keep up with the latest news via social media and news channels, while 55% said they are using it for entertertainment. Keeping in touch with family via video messaging apps is also one of the top reasons people are using their internet connection, as well as a fifth (21%) who are using it as a means to stay in contact with people who are in isolation or to connect with the elderly. Almost one in ten people said they are using their internet connection to plan for holidays overseas - revealing a level of optimism for some people that the crisis will be under control within a few months. 

The survey also found that millennials are finding internet issues particularly frustrating, with 36% saying they have argued with their partner about whose fault it is the internet is slow, while a third have exchanged cross words with parents, siblings and children because of it.

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