53% of people who attempted to make contact with their ISP in last month faced difficulties, revealed survey

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26th May 2020 10:47 - Telecommunications

53% of people who attempted to make contact with ISP in April faced difficulties: A new poll of UK adults has revealed poor levels of customer service from Internet Service Providers (ISP) in April 2020, due to the impact of COVID-19. 

The survey of 4,344 UK adults, carried out by Which?, found that 53% of people who tried to get in touch with their broadband provider in April faced issues, which has caused problems for some customers. 

Two-fifths of customers said they experienced long call wait times, while a fifth (21%) said they have had issues using the online chat feature on the ISP's website due to it being unavailable.

For 17% of people, the issue they had could not be resolved when making contact with an agent, and 16% said they had received poor customer service. 

When looking for help or information on their ISP's website, 16% said it was not helpful, while 14% said after trying to get in touch they could not make contact.

Email contact was also a a cause of frustration for some respondents, with 10% saying they had received no response to emails(10%), and 4% reporting no response through social media.

Other issues included being cut off when speaking to an ISP agent (9%), or being told to get back in touch at a later date (7%). 

While many people have faced difficulties in contacting their ISP due to COVID-19, it should be noted that many providers prioritised key workers or vulnerable people during this time, and many offered customers features such as unlimited calls, data, or free TV channels.

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