69% of UK adults had issues with loss of broadband connection in the last 12 months, reveals survey

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9th July 2021 13:28 - Telecommunications

69% of UK adults had issues with loss of broadband connection in the last 12 months: A survey has revealed that nearly three quarters of the British public used their broadband more in the last year. However, 69% of those surveyed stated they had problems with their connection during this time.

The polling by Which?, of nearly 4,500 British adults found that when asked about the most common connection problems they experienced, 59% of participants stated very low speeds as an issue, with a further 53% saying they had frequent dropouts.

On the other hand, customers who transferred to fibre broadband felt the benefits, with 63% noticing faster speeds and 45% reporting they experienced fewer connection dropouts.

While 96% of the UK population has the option to switch to superfast fibre connections; only around three quarters of the those surveyed have it.

Customer Satisfaction

Nine in 10 households’ broadband is supplied by one of the ‘big four’ – Sky, BT, TalkTalk or Virgin Media, found the survey. BT had the best overall customer score with 57%, however was still rated poorly in the value for money section. Sky broadband was also rated poorly in regards to ‘value for money’, along with low scores in connection speed, connection reliability and ease of setting up; leaving them with an average customer score of 54%. Likewise, TalkTalk received an average customer score of 54%, but had the highest percentage of customers who would not recommend them to a friend. Finally, Virgin Media received low scores for connection reliability with a third saying they had experienced a connection outage over the last year. Furthermore, almost a quarter of Virgin Media customers stated their connection was slow to upload and download, leading to an average customer score of 53%.

Only John-Lewis scored lower than all of the ‘big four’, with a 47% overall customer score because of low ratings for connection speed, connection reliability and ease to set up.

Zen Internet received the highest satisfaction score of 70%.

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