Android and iOS Account For Majority of Smartphone Operating System Market

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23rd May 2013 12:37 - Telecommunications

Figures from recent telecoms market research by IDC suggest that Android has moved ahead as the leading operating system for smartphones in the first quarter of 2013 – shipping as the OS for 162.1m smartphones, 75% of a global Q1 total of 216.2m units.

Apple’s iOS share grew slightly, moving from 35.1m units in Q1 2012 to 37.4m in Q1 2013. However, it suffered a fall-off in market share – from 23% to 17.3%. The Windows Phone, building on a partnership with Nokia, rose to 7m units and a 3.2% market share, from 3m units and a 2% share a year ago.

Despite the release of the new BB10 OS, Blackberry plummeted year on year – from 9.7m units (6.4% market share) in 2012 to 6.3m units and only a 2.9% share in Q1 2013.

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