BT survey finds UK workers met by business mobile issues

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14th November 2016 12:48 - Telecommunications

BT survey finds UK workers met by business mobile phone issues: According to the findings of BT’s mobile multiplier research, office workers in the United Kingdom are increasingly opting to work mobily; however, many professionals are encountering problems with their business mobile.BT survey finds UK workers met by business mobile issues

The survey uncovered that two in three office workers consider mobile working to be the most important part of an employee benefits package, even above a company car. However, 54 per cent said that they had encountered problems trying to contact their colleagues when working out of the office. A further 43 per cent said that they find it hard to access files and documents when working from home.

Of the survey respondents, two in three said that improving communications for remote workers would improve their business. Further to this, the three most cited upgrades were: screen sharing, video conferencing and instant messaging.

BT also discovered that decreasing spend on mobile services is costing companies in productivity. Of the respondents, 20 per cent said that they regularly run out of mobile data on their work mobile phone and a further 37 per cent said that they would not use their business mobile phone overseas to avoid roaming charges.

The survey findings revealed that the demand for remote working is being pioneered by the younger workers, with 40 per cent of those aged between 25 and 34 electing flexible working as their most wanted benefit.

The Vice President of unified communications, mobile and contact centre portfolio at BT, Andrew Small, suggested that companies are keen to support their employees work in a more flexible way, but the reality is not always simple.

Small further suggested that the technology companies put in place is often dated and causes frustration and delays.

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