Best and Worst ISPs revealed in customer satisfaction poll

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6th December 2018 12:25 - Telecommunications

Best and Worst ISPs revealed in customer satisfaction poll: The results are in from the latest Which? magazine poll looking at how satisfied broadband customers are with their internet service provider. 
The magazine surveyed over 7,000 broadband customers - with 71% having being with their provider for three years or more. It found that overall, 57% were unhappy with the service they received, with issues ranging from poor speeds to price hikes. 
When it came to individual companies, Zen Internet, which says its puts 'people before profits' was judged the best provider when it came to overall satisfaction with 86% of customers happy with the service overall. The independent provider was followed by Utility Warehouse (79%), Plusnet (73%) SSE (70%) and John Lewis completing the top five with 69%.
At the bottom of the table were three of the biggest ISPs: Sky Broadband (47% satisfaction), TalkTalk (48%) and BT (49%) followed by Post Office in ninth place with 56%, EE (60%) and Vodafone (62%). 
The survey also looked at the increase in payment to ISPs when introductory offers expire, which can take the annual cost way beyond what customers had been paying initially. Ofcom has recently announced that by 2019, new rules will be introduced to notify customers when they are approaching the end of their minimum contract term so they can decide if they want to stay or make a switch. 
The survey found Virgin Media’s prices increased on average for customers on its VIVID 100 deal by more than half (52%) after the introductory 12 months taking the cost from £24 per month to £47 – a 74% increase. Sky Broadband came in second with a 42% increase, followed by Plusnet (40%), SSE (37%), EE (33%) and John Lewis Broadband (30%). With smaller cost increases were PostOffice (24%), BT (23%), TalkTalk (15%) and Zen Internet (9%). 
Top UK ISPs by Customer Satisfaction
1. Zen Internet 86%
2. Utility Warehouse 79%
3. Plusnet 73%
4. SSE 70%
5. John Lewis 69%
6. Vodafone 62%
7. EE 60%
8. Virgin Media 59%
9. Post Office 56%
10. BT 49%
11. TalkTalk 48%
12. Sky Broadband 47%

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