Broadband is more favoured than chocolate and alcohol, survey finds

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13th May 2015 15:43 - Telecommunications

A recent survey has discovered that British people would rather give up chocolate, alcohol and being intimate with their partner, over theirBroadband is more favoured than chocolate and alcohol, survey finds broadband connection.

When the 3,000 respondents were asked what they would rather sacrifice for a week, 45 per cent chose chocolate, 24 per cent said alcohol and 22 per cent chose intimacy. Just 9 per cent of the respondents chose their broadband connection.

The survey also revealed that the average British person spends 9 hours per day on the internet.

The research also discovered that those in London are the most dependent on their broadband connection, with the average Londoner spending 12 hours online every day.

As well as being the most broadband-dependent, those living in London were also found to have the most smart devices in their homes, with the average person living in London owning 5 devices connected to the internet. The average UK consumer owned 3.

Another survey by the same company discovered that 75 per cent of broadband consumers in Britain were dissatisfied with the service that they receive.

Of the broadband consumers, only 24 per cent were happy with their service.

It was also found that more than 50 per cent of British consumers were unsure as to when their broadband contract expires.

An alternative piece of research, which looked into the content which people streamed on their televisions, found that 43 per cent downloaded high definition TV. On the other hand, 25 per cent would prefer to stream their high definition TV.

The respondents who said that they stream their content were found to experience buffering up to 8 times per hour during peak times.

Those who claimed to download their content said they did this to avoid buffering.

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