Estate agents should divulge broadband speed, home buyers say

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13th March 2017 11:01 - Telecommunications

Estate agents should divulge broadband speed, home buyers say: A recent telecommunications survey by a broadband provider has revealed that 34 per cent of home movers would like to be made aware of what broadband speeds they would have access to at peak browsing times in a property.Estate agents should divulge broadband speed, home buyers say

According to the survey findings, approximately 50 per cent of home renters would not have moved into a home if they had known that the broadband speed was slow during peak times. Further to this, approximately 40 per cent said that they would have been put off a property if they had been aware of the slow connection speeds prior to moving in.

The provider who conducted the survey, Hyperoptic, is calling for the property industry to provide more accurate information to property buyers.

The Chief Customer Officer at Hyperoptic, Steve Holford, said that the average property broadband speed that is given from a property website is basically misleading, since it does not factor in how much a Fibre-to-the-Cabinet broadband service can reduce at peak times.

He also said that it is time that the property sector woke up to the fact that broadband is not just a standard property amenity - it has the power to turn off a prospective renter and buyer altogether.

Holford suggested that one of the busiest times of the year for moving houses is fast approaching; however, he also said that the speed of the housing market will not be matched by the speeds of which they can access the internet when they move into a new property.

According to the Hyperoptic survey, 12 per cent of people in the United Kingdom intend to move home this year. Of this proportion, 37 per cent said that they intend to buy a property, whereas the remaining 63 per cent plan to rent.

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