Fear of poor broadband is stopping people moving to a rural location, survey finds

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6th December 2018 17:35 - Telecommunications

Fear of poor broadband is stopping people moving to a rural location: A move to the countryside may be a wonderful idea if you’re seeking a more peaceful way of life – but the latest survey by price comparison and switching service, uSwitch.com suggests the fear of being cut off because of poor broadband is stopping people embracing the rural dream.

The poll of just over 2,000 UK adults found 17% would rule out a move to the countryside because of the risk of losing a good internet connection. 

When asked what would put them off a future move to a rural setting, 58% said ‘slow and unreliable broadband’ while 55% said ‘poor or no mobile signal’.  Just over six in ten (61%) felt lack of transport was a huge factor to consider, and other answers included lack of public services such as schools and doctors’ surgeries and the lack of things to do locally such as going to the cinema or out to a restaurant (42%).

When it comes to people who already live in a rural location, 25% said they are unable to get a phone signal at home and 38% admitted they had a poor or intermittent broadband signal.

The problem with connection for 10% of people who live in the countryside is so bad that they said they would have reconsidered the move if they had known.

The research is interesting when considering Ofcom’s Connected Nations Report published in October 2018 which reported 93% of the UK has access to superfast broadband.

Broadband and mobiles expert, Ernest Doku at uSwitch.com said:

“Pretty much everyone in both the city and the country should be able to access excellent broadband and mobile coverage, so those experiencing poor connectivity need to be made more aware of the range of better options available to them.”

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