Global Consumer Poll Finds Consumers Disappointed with Their Mobile Operators

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21st February 2012 16:35 - Telecommunications

A poll of 2,000 consumers from across the UK, France, Germany and the US that was commissioned by software provider Comptel Corporation has discovered that the majority of people are feeling let down by their mobile operators.

Two-thirds of the respondents who took part in the study on mobile usage and spending habits feel neglected - as a result, more than two in five said they are likely to switch providers within the next two years.

Furthermore, more than one in five surveyants say they experience poor quality of service at least once a week, such as dropped calls, low bandwidth and the slow loading of files.

The majority of these (72%) however claimed that that if their mobile operators showed more love by simply apologising and sending special offers as compensation they would remain loyal – this was particularly true of 18-25 year olds.

Senior VP of Marketing and Communications at Comptel, Ulla Koivukoski, commented: "With so many consumers expected to churn in the next two years if their needs are not better met, mobile operators need to significantly improve customer engagement. We live in a real-time world where, particularly with younger subscribers, consumers are requiring more personalised and dynamic services. The right customer engagement solutions should be able to adapt to and facilitate that.”

She added: “Comptel sees real-time data collection and analysis, along with increased interaction with customers, as critical to ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty and maximising revenue opportunities."

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