Global broadband speed table shows UK slip to 35th place

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19th July 2018 12:33 - Telecommunications

Global broadband speed table shows UK slip to 35th place: In the global broadband league tables, the UK dropped from 31st to 35th in the rankings.

The data was collected over 12 months since May 2017 by M-Lab (a collaboration between Google Open Source Research and Princeton University's PlantLab) with results compiled by As part of the research, 163 million broadband speed tests were carried out in over 200 countries.

Singapore ranked first with an average speed of 60.39Mbps, while the UK beat China, India and Yemen with a download speed of 0.31Mbps.

Currently, above average, the UK has a broadband speed of 18.57Mbps compared to the global average of 9.10Mbps rising from the previous average speed of 7.4Mbps. However, the UK’s speed ranking means that it is in the bottom 1/3 of EU member states. 

Furthermore, the new threshold set by Ofcom at 10Mbps meant that 136 countries have below average broadband speeds.’s customer telecoms analyst, Dan Howdle, has commented that it’s “somewhat sad to see the UK not faring better”. He goes on to say that “compared with many other countries, both in and out of Europe, the UK has simply come too late to a full-fibre solution.”

You can view the research here 


The World’s Fastest broadband speeds:

1.       Singapore - average 60Mbps

2.       Sweden - 46Mbps

3.       Denmark - 43.9Mbps

4.       Norway - 40.1Mbps

5.       Romania - 38.6Mbps

6.       Belgium - 36.7Mbps

7.       Netherlands - 35.9Mbps

8.       Luxembourg - 35.1Mbps

9.       Hungary - 34Mbps

10.   Jersey - 30.9Mbps


The countries with the slowest speeds are:


      1.  Yemen - 0.3Mbps

      2.  East Timor - 0.49Mbps

3. Turkmenistan - 0.56Mbps

4. Somalia - 0.6Mbps

5. Guinea 0- 0.65Mbps

6. Mauritania - 0.7Mbps

7. Syria - 0.8Mbps

8. Niger - 0.83Mbps

9. Burkina Faso - 0.84Mbps

10. Republic of Congo - 0.85Mbps

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