Government survey reveals awareness of 5G is strong

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16th May 2022 23:19 - Telecommunications

Government survey reveals awareness of 5G is strong: A government survey looking at the participation of citizens in various aspects of life in England in 2022 has revealed that awareness of 5G is strong, with 71% revealing they know what it is. 

The Participation Survey October to December 2021 was commissioned by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and published in April 2022.It polled 13,536 people online (83%) while 2,691 (17%) completed a paper version of the questionnaire.

The survey revealed that as well as a strong understanding about 5G, almost two-fifths (37%) said they were interested in getting the technology in the future, however, around a third (34%) said that they were not interested at all in getting 5G . Just 7% of respondents said that they had not heard of 5G. 

The vast majority of respondents polled in the survey of households, revealed that 93% of the adults reported using the internet. Also revealed by the survey was that 90% of respondents said they owned and used a Smartphone, wth 94% saying that they owned and used a WiFi router or internet hub, while six in 10 said they owned and used a laptop computer. 

Asked whether they had taken part in any digital or online skills training, a fifth of respondents said they had (20%), while a third (32%) said that they would be interested in such training, although the majority said that they would only be interested if it was a free course.  More than two-thirds said they believed it was 'very' or 'fairly important' to keep up with developing online skills.

One in five respondents said that they would not be interested in a digital or online skills course as they prefer to learn themselves. 

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