Home broadband speeds rise above 50Mb for first time in UK, according to latest report

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14th May 2019 16:05 - Telecommunications

Home broadband speeds rise above 50Mb for first time in UK: A new report has found that our UK home broadband speeds have risen above 50Mb for the first time - with more than half (58%) lines achieving an average speed of 30Mb during peak hours.

Broadband speeds did differ greatly, however, depending on a whether a user was in a rural or urban location.

At peak times, a third of all broadband speeds were below 10Mb in rural areas, compared to just 13% of urban lines.

There has been an 18% rise in average download speeds between 2017 and 2018 according to the report, an increase of 8.1Mb pushing speeds up to 54.2Mb.

In the last six years the increase has been an average of 36.4Mb

Another recently published report. (Connected Nations Update), revealed that ultrafast broadband is now accessible to over half of UK properties (53%), equating to an additional 300,000 homes with the service available to them - an increase of 4% in just four months. 

Looking at mobile coverage, the report shows that 78% of the UK is now covered by all of the four telecoms operators. Just 5% of homes have none of the services available to the rest of the country.

The report found 4G coverage has increased from 64% in June 2017, to its latest figure of 78%, while upload speeds have risen by 15%. This takes them from an average speed of 6.2Mb in 2017  to 7.2Mb in 2018.  To add a little context, back in 2013 speeds were just 2.3Mb.

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