Intel Study Finds People Driven to Distraction over Mobile Phone Use

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8th July 2011 16:37 - Telecommunications

Market research undertaken by Intel has shown that people talking more loudly than needed when using their mobile is the worst red-flag-to-a-bull for most Britons – 67% of those who took part in the survey voted it their number one cause of anger.

The study found that only swearing or smoking is considered worse than talking loudly when on a call.

In addition to this irritation, over a third of the surveyants revealed they had experienced mobile phone use when on a date, while a total of 52% of respondents would rather give up chocolate than their mobile.

Genevieve Bell, Intel Fellow and Director of Interaction and Experience Research for Intel Labs, commented: “This survey makes clear how important mobile technologies have become in our daily lives... Unsurprisingly, we are still working out the right social rules; from texting your friends while on a date to Tweeting during your own wedding, societies and cultures haven’t quite sorted out how the devices will find a comfortable place in our lives.”

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