Market Research Finds Major UK Cities Lagging In Mobile 3G Speeds

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22nd June 2012 13:01 - Telecommunications

A survey of more than 1,000 smartphone users by price comparison website uSwitch has discovered that London has the slowest average 3G mobile broadband speeds of any of the UK's top 10 largest cities

In total, the average 3G download speed in London was 2.71Mbps, which measures at 24% slower when compared to Portsmouth, the fastest city in the UK at 3.56Mbps.

While Wolverhampton was found to be the slowest city in the nation with speeds of 2.46Mbps, London in 24th position doesn’t even rank among the Top 10 for fast 3G services.

Following Portsmouth for fastest speeds, the highest ranked five cities were Liverpool (3.297Mbps), Stoke-on-Trent (3.26Mbps), Nottingham (3.19Mbps) and Bradford (3.124Mbps).

In addition, the market research found that 39% of those polled are unhappy with their current 3G speeds, and 47% claimed their download speeds are too slow.

Technology expert at, Ernest Doku, commented: “Across large swathes of the UK, and worryingly in some of the country’s most populated towns and cities, 3G connections are simply not consistent enough at the moment, with too many users experiencing drop-offs and blackspots... Despite Government efforts to bring Britain into the digital age, it seems the road to seamless telecoms infrastructure is not an altogether smooth one.”

He added: “Advancements in mobile communications technology and the rollout of fourth generation mobile internet (4G) will be crucial if Britain hopes to remain an economic force on the world stage and compete in the global marketplace.”

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