Market Research Finds Most UK Smartphone Owners Dont Like Mobile Ads

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18th July 2011 17:15 - Telecommunications

New YouGov survey results have shown that mobile advertising is not as appealing to the smartphone owners as the marketing industry might suggest.

In total, 79% of the 2,082 UK smartphone users who took part in the online poll in June said they found mobile ads to be intrusive, 86% said they ignored ads when using mobile internet and 88% ignore ads in their mobile applications.

Only 5% of the surveyants thought mobile ads were a good idea.

Nevertheless, despite the negative attitude measured when it comes to mobile advertising, users did admit to being aware of mobile ads, with 33% saying they recognise the in-app ads every time they used an app, and 19% recalled app ads they use daily.

Regarding in-app activity, 45% of the respondents said they were aware of sponsored apps and games, 44% of app recommendations, and 38% had seen a full screen ad before an app activated.

On a general level, 87% of smartphone users said they had seen ads while browsing the mobile internet, and 80% while using apps, suggesting that marketers are encouraged to use mobile advertising because they get noticed whether people like them or not.

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