Market Research Finds iPhone Owners Careless about Cracked Screens

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22nd June 2012 13:05 - Telecommunications

A new survey by has shown that almost half of UK iPhone owners are using their device while putting up with a cracked screen.

The market research, which covered over one thousand Apple smartphone owners, was carried out with the purpose of finding out how consumers of the latest pricey technology devices, particularly the iPhone, take care of them.

In total, the study discovered that 42% of the surveyants didn’t find it a major problem that their screen was cracked, while 32% admitted the reason for not reporting the crack is because they didn’t want to make an insurance claim.

Furthermore, 57% said they had broken their iPhone’s screen at some undetermined point, and 51% claimed their mobile worked fine despite the crack.

Worse than these statistics, over half of these iPhone owners admitted having cracked their screen before and 41% said they take no measures whatsoever to protect their device.

With the upcoming iPhone 5 rumoured to be even thinner than its iPhone 4S predecessor, the percentage of people who let their fancy mobile get damaged then do nothing about it (if still works) is set to rise. 

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