Market Research Uncovers Call Centre Nightmare Experienced by UK Consumers

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22nd June 2012 12:15 - Telecommunications

A new survey by queue-dodging service WeQ4U has found that the average UK consumer spends 45 hours a year or five working days waiting on the phone to call centres.

In addition, the study discovered that if someone phoned all the Top Ten brands and services with the longest waits - which include Ikea and Apple - it would cost £94 before they even got to speak to anyone.

InHealth Netcare, a service used by healthcare professionals to get patients’ test results,  was revealed to be the worst when it comes to call centre waiting times – amounting to an average of an hour and 12 minutes, with its 0844 number costing up to 40p per minute on a mobile.

The survey also shamed the easyJet call centre – customers phoning here to complain can spend as much as an hour and eight minutes to get through.

Director of Customer and Revenue at easyJet, Catherine Lynn, refuted the damning results however: “This survey does not reflect our customer waiting times which we constantly monitor to ensure customers receive a good service from us. In the last 6 months we have answered over half a million calls to our UK call centre number. On average over 80% of our customers wait less than 60 seconds to speak with one of our customer service team and only 5% of customers wait approximately 2 minutes or more.”

The rudest call centre was found to be HM Revenue and Customs, followed by the Work and Pensions Department (which includes Job Centres). British Airways was ranked third worst and Barclays bank fourth.

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