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30th May 2012 16:39 - Telecommunications

A YouGov survey carried out in April on behalf of digital banking specialist Intelligent Environments has shown that UK students have the highest interest in mobile banking.

The opinion poll, which questioned 2,300 adults of which 1,174 were smartphone owners, demonstrated that students are driving demand for mobile money and banking services in Britain.

A total of 53% of the students who took part in the study and have smartphones said they would manage their bank accounts via mobile if they could. This figure compares to 44% of adults in full or part-time employment.

A further 25% of students are interested in using their smartphones to carry out peer-to-peer money transfers, in contrast to 22% of people who work.

Based on gender, the survey also revealed that 46% of men would manage their finances using their mobile compared to 37% of women.

In addition, 51% of respondents now own a smartphone, representing an increase from a third of the population 12 months ago. These are split into 36% who use the Android platform, followed by Apple at 31% and RIM (Blackberry) at 15%.

James Richards, Vice President of Mobile at Intelligent Environments, concluded: "The tipping point for smartphone ownership has finally arrived. With over half the adult population of Britain now in possession of one of these devices, it is clear they have become integral to consumers' lives, helping them to conduct day-to-day tasks with relative speed and ease." 

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