Ofcom Poll Measures Customer Satisfaction with Top Mobile and Internet Providers

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21st July 2011 17:45 - Telecommunications

The latest Ofcom customer service poll on major mobile and Internet providers has found T-Mobile ranked highest in satisfaction levels and 3 at the lowest end of the scale.

T-Mobile’s satisfaction score measured at 72%, with only 9% of the customers surveyed giving them a dissatisfaction rating. They were closely followed by Orange at 70%, with a 12% dissatisfaction ranking.

O2 had the same satisfaction level as T-Mobile at 72%; however 11% of their customers gave dissatisfaction scores.

In contrast, 3 received a 63% satisfaction rating, while of the 6 top mobile providers, Vodaphone received the highest dissatisfaction score.

When it comes to Broadband satisfaction, Orange came out well above its competitors with over three quarters of its customers giving their service the thumbs up.

Orange was followed by Sky which had a 60% satisfaction ranking, and then BT at 57%.
Talk Talk received the lowest score of the top five providers, with 23% of its customers claiming dissatisfaction.

The Ofcom survey precedes the law changes which come into effect on Friday - if a customer’s complaint remains unresolved after eight weeks, they will have the right to go to a free, independent, Ofcom-approved resolution service.

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