Ofcom Survey Finds Young Brits Now Prefer Mobiles and Web over TV

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20th April 2011 15:53 - Telecommunications

Communications regulator Ofcom has revealed in their latest study that that 16-24 year olds would miss their mobile phones and Internet access more than television – this is the first time that young people have not rated TV to be their top form of media.

Amongst the 16-24 year olds surveyed, just 23% said they would miss television, compared to 26% saying they would miss the web the most and 26% choosing their smartphones.

The popularity of television as a whole throughout the UK is on the decline according to the study, with 40% of the general population saying that they would notice its absence. This reflects a drop from the 50% figure polled in 2009.

The Ofcom survey results are indicative of the growing importance of the web in everyday life for people of all ages, although around half of parents (48%) ho have children between the ages of 5-15 think that their children know more about the Internet then they do. Of parents with children between 12-15 years, this figure rose to 70%.

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