Poll Finds UK Mobile Broadband Users Frustrated by Slow Speeds

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22nd June 2012 13:22 - Telecommunications

An online poll of 1,500 mobile broadband users in the UK by BroadbandGenie has discovered substantial dissatisfaction with slow performance speeds.

Especially since fixed broadband speeds are on the rise from suppliers, the most of the surveyants were frustrated with the stagnant speeds that mobile Internet provides.

In total, only one in five were satisfied with the speeds they received, which are well below 2Mbit/s on average. A majority of 56% described themselves as unhappy, 22% said they were ‘unsure’, while only 5.3% were ‘happy’.

Chris Marling at Broadband Genie commented: ““They [consumers] expect that [fixed broadband] experience to translate to their Internet experience on the move – thanks to poor reception, frequent drop-outs and slow speeds, it simply isn’t even close.”

Echoing an Ofcom report earlier this month which said that mobile operators are failing to provide adequate 3G coverage, he added: “This is another damning indictment on the state of mobile broadband in the UK.”

Experts say there is light at the end of the 3G tunnel however, since more reliable alternatives such as Wi-Fi are expanding to fill some of the gaps left by mobile broadband.

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