Research Finds Smartphone Sales Now Outpace PCs

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15th February 2011 13:35 - Telecommunications

A new study by IDC has found that in the last quarter of 2010, smartphone handsets outsold PCs.

Consumer electronics manufacturers shipped 100.9 million smartphones in the last three months of 2010. This is an 87% increase on the same period in 2009. In contrast, PC shipments saw a rise of only 3% to 92.1 million.

Further results showed that tablet computer sales are also eating into PC sales, and that smartphone prices are showing immense growth because their prices are decreasing, not to mention the market appeal driven by Google’s Android platform. There is also the factor that people tend to replace their mobile phones much more often than they do their computers.

Ramon Llamas, IDC Analyst, explained that the rise in sales of smartphones compared to the decline in PC sales isn’t necessarily related, because the two devices serve different purposes. Also, consumers increasingly want both products but already own a PC.

Analysts have added that viewing the desktop or laptop PC as a dying breed might be premature, even if new methods of interacting with them are evolving. 

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