Seven in 10 parents bought a brand new phone for their child in the last two years, finds survey

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17th March 2022 13:18 - Telecommunications

Seven in 10 parents bought a brand-new phone for their child in the last two years: A survey of UK parents has found that 71%  have bought a brand-new phone for their child in the last 2 years, with 44% also reporting that paying their child's mobile contract has become 'stressful' due to the current cost of living crisis.

The research by mobile phone company, Swycha, polled more than 2,000 parents for its research, also finding that almost a third of parents (31%) are paying more than £50 a month for their child's phone and contract, in addition to the costs they pay for their own mobile. More than a third of parents (36%) also revealed that they had paid more than £200 towards the cost of their child's handset as an upfront cost.

Feeling the pressure

More than two-fifths of the parents polled said that they feel pressure to buy their child a particular model of phone or other high value technology for their birthday or Christmas, with nearly half admitting that the financial cost of buying the phone their child really wants outweighs the emotional cost of seeing them disappointed. According to 46% of parents, their child had asked for a specific model of phone due to peer pressure, wanting to 'fit in' withthin their friendship groups.

Also revealed by the research was that just 30% of UK parents have given their child a second-hand phone to their child, with just 7% opting for a refurbished model.

The average age of a child receiving a mobile phone was found to be 10 years and 7 months, according to the polling.

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