Small business owners use smartphones for most of their business needs, survey finds

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19th July 2018 11:29 - Telecommunications

Small business owners use smartphones for most of their business needs. A new survey has revealed interesting insights into the way small business uses mobile technology in their day-to-day business activities. The research by Three polled 1,000 small business owners and revealed an increasing preference for mobile phones over other devices in the workplace.

The study showed that 81% of business owners agreed that most of their business needs were fulfilled by a smartphone and almost two-thirds said that the technology available to them on their smartphone outperformed tech on the other devices they used.

When asked about the importance of various devices they may use in their daily activities, 63% said their mobile was 'very important' compared to 51% who said the same for their laptop, and 49% their desktop PC.

Just over a quarter of respondents also revealed that the internet service on their mobile is actually better than the service they can access on their other 'fixed-line' devices.

Looking to the future, respondents predict that they will have an increased need for their smartphone devices, with 41% expecting to rely on them more to keep up with the changing nature of small businesses. 

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