Study Reveals UK Rates BlackBerry Best Smartphone

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9th February 2011 13:10 - Telecommunications

According to a recent market research study by GfK, the BlackBerry smartphone has taken top ranking in the UK. The device saw major uptake over the Christmas season, with over 500 000 handsets sold in December alone.

Developed by Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM), BlackBerry phones now have a UK market share of over 28% across all smartphones.

RIM has said that its success lies in its transition from being business-focused to a more youth orientated brand, offering apps such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which have had a huge appeal to the teen market.

Stephen Bates, RIM UK Managing Director, commented: “For the last couple of years BlackBerry was traditionally the mobile communications brand for business but we realised a lot of the communication fundamentals for business are relevant to the consumer market too... We’re a major player to the development environment as we are an open marketplace for developers to access and offer services to those customers who resonate with having the ultimate communications device.”

Research company GfK also found that BlackBerry is the most popular smartphone for Twitter with over 6 million downloads.

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