Survey Discovers Public Attitude to Consumer Tracking by Advertisers

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5th December 2011 17:25 - Telecommunications

Following the scandal last week where the Carrier IQ app was found to be logging what smartphone users are doing on their devices without their permission, a new survey has demonstrated what users feel about being tracked.

The study found that almost half of Britons (49%) don’t mind having their online behaviour and personal data monitored by marketers, as long as they can benefit from free or less costly content.

Consumers’ concerns over privacy and data security have increased over the last few years however, with 48% of global respondents saying they have a "very high level of concern” about this issue. Nevertheless, 62% are fine with being tracked by marketers as long as they gain from it.

The UK public was found to be particularly afraid of online banking, with only 27% using this service in the last six months compared to 52% globally.

In addition, two thirds of UK respondents said they were concerned about the potential for credit card data theft when banking from a mobile phone.

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