Survey Discovers UK Smartphone Owners Unimpressed by Mobile Advertising

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28th September 2012 15:17 - Telecommunications

Market research of 1,014 smartphone users by ad solution company Azullo has discovered that Britons are not being impacted by mobile advertising.

When asked if they remembered seeing ads on their mobile in the past 6 months, over half claimed they could not recall any brands or products that were promoted.

Only 21% of the surveyants said they could remember any mobile ads, while a mere 14% that remembered seeing an ad said it made them want to buy the product or service.

In addition, more than 80% of the respondents said they felt advertisers did not try hard enough to engage the attention of mobile viewers and 39% complained about the quality of mobile ads since they found them to be too distorted to clearly tell what was actually being promoted.

Guy Cookson, Co-founder of Respond, commented on the findings: "Most mobile ad formats are adapted from desktop. Banners ads are squeezed to fit far smaller spaces, with resulting compromises in clarity. Graphical ads are also often slow to load over mobile networks. This is no way to engage an audience, to invite discovery, to inform and delight."

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