Survey Reveals People 30 Percent More Stressed Since Invention of Smartphones

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25th November 2013 12:57 - Telecommunications

New research has found that people are now thirty per cent more stressed than they ever were before smartphones were invented – the reason being that Britons are becoming more stressed because they just can’t switch off from the constant emails and texts from friends with some claiming bosses prevent them from relaxing. Other forms of instant communications also creep into down-time and also are blamed for preventing people to relax.  The research comes just weeks after it was revealed that more than one in ten Britons are utterly exhausted. The survey, conducted by Champneys Health Spa, also showed that fifty three per cent of people are continuously tired and forty one per cent sometimes feel exhausted.

The study, which was carried out by Frances Booth, looked at the stress levels of 15 adults under the age of 40 who spent one week with their usual mobile device, and one week without them. The results showed that stress levels were significantly higher for the entire group during the first week but the majority claimed they felt more relaxed and in a better mood as week two came to an end.

Suggesting that digital downtime should be incorporated into everyone’s life, Frances Booth said:

 “The results were staggering. We found that people who use smartphones and tablets to stay tuned-in 24/7 are prone to higher levels of stress than those who stick to good old-fashioned communication. We like to think that the digital era has made life easier but as the research shows, there is a price attached to living in a constantly connected society.As a nation, we are welded to our smartphones and tablets, and our brains are no longer given the luxury of switching off. This has an unhealthy effect on stress levels.”

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