Survey finds 50 per cent of businesses plan to recruit an IoT officer

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17th February 2016 17:03 - Telecommunications

A recent survey has discovered that more than 50 per cent of businesses in the United Kingdom plan to recruit a Chief Internet of Things Officer in the next year, who will help manage their increasing internet of things expenditure. These findings apply especially to those working in the retail, telecoms and education sector.Survey finds 50 per cent of businesses plan to recruit an IoT officer

In 2016 businesses are expected to spend 42 per cent more on projects related to the internet of things and in a recent market research survey, 54 per cent of companies said that they needed someone to help them through the internet of things process.

Commissioned by the datacentre organisation, IO, as well as security supplier, Webroot, the findings revealed that 68 per cent of business leaders in the United Kingdom were expecting to reap the rewards of investing in the internet of things this year. Further to this, 1 in 5 said that they were already seeing a benefit.

In total, 94 per cent of companies said that they were getting ready for the internet of things and were spreading their investments across research and development, infrastructure, skills and personnel and security.

The majority of this investment was found to be in network infrastructure, as 71 per cent of the respondents said that improving their network capacity was a key focus, as a result of the inadequacy of their current set ups. Of the participants, approximately 25 per cent said that their existing IT infrastructure was a barrier to uptake.

Director at IO, Andrew Roughan, said of the research findings:

“In recent years, we have seen a large and growing infrastructure investment to build digital infrastructures for the future. We haven’t seen the tipping point yet, in how that has been utilised, the type of traffic and utilisation that will flow through both datacentres’ network infrastructure and devices.

There are some initiatives that can drive change quickly and deliver some customer-facing and online benefits, but this is about more than that – it’s about defining the next era of the enterprise, beyond five or ten years. The infrastructure to support IoT needs some careful consideration, as typical enterprise-scale infrastructure investments won’t enable the IoT to scale economically.”

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