Survey finds Wi-Fi in many UK homes is sub-standard

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3rd August 2015 11:08 - Telecommunications

A recent survey - conducted on behalf of Global Wireless Solutions - has found that the Wi-Fi connection in many UK homes is sub-standard.Survey finds Wi-Fi in many UK homes is sub-standard

The researchers surveyed 2,000 adults in the UK and found that 40 per cent used 3G or 4G connection in their house because their Wi-Fi is so slow. As well as this, 25 per cent said that they were “forced” to use their data allowance, as a result of their slow Wi-Fi.

Of the respondents, 16 per cent said that their Wi-Fi connection was that slow that mobile data was the choice browsing method for streaming music, videos and even surfing the internet.

13 per cent of the respondents said that they never use Wi-Fi in their home, as they prefer 3G and 4G.

The findings could be attributed to less than satisfactory connectivity from a broadband provider, a badly located router, or a bad mobile device.

When it came to updating and browsing social media, 57 per cent said that they would prefer to do it with mobile data, as opposed to Wi-Fi. Similarly, 46 per cent preferred to do their online shopping on mobile data and 40 per cent prefer mobile data whilst working from home.

The researchers also asked the respondents which room of their house was the worst for Wi-Fi connection. The survey found that bedrooms are the worst place to use Wi-Fi, typically being situated upstairs and thus far away from the router. Following the bedroom, the kitchen was highlighted as the second worst room, followed by the lounge.

Chief Executive Officer of Global Wireless Solutions, Paul Carter, said of the findings:

“Network operators are under a great deal of pressure to improve the UK’s mobile networks and eliminate signal blackspots around the country. Most major network operators offer their customers voice-over-Wi-Fi services as a temporary solution to in-home blackspots, but as our poll shows, Wi-Fi connectivity in British homes is often too slow or patchy for consumers to reliably access the Internet. These same Wi-Fi issues will affect consumers hoping to use voice-over-Wi-Fi to make calls at home.

“Today’s Brit is adept at switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to stay connected while they are out and about, but they shouldn’t have to use the same tricks to get online at home. We are using our phones more than ever, and we expect to be able to work, play and shop on our phones while we are at home. How that connection is ultimately made is not important to the average consumer – as long as it’s made.”

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