Survey finds household broadband was anticipated to be affected on Christmas day

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15th December 2015 16:14 - Telecommunications

Pre-Christmas research findings have revealed that the amount of internet-connected devices that were expected to be gifted on Christmas Day was anticipated pressure on the broadband Survey finds household broadband may be affected on Christmas daysystems of households in the United Kingdom.

The survey findings, which came from, revealed that a large number of devices in use, paired with increased streaming of videos and sending of data may have meant that a number of household broadband systems may be badly affected.

Of the 2,000 households in the survey, 54 per cent said that they were going to add another permanent connected device to their home broadband network on Christmas day. A further 5 per cent said that they were goin to be adding five or more internet devices to their home network, however, just 43 per cent said that they have upgraded to an increased broadband speed over the last 12 months.

As well as this, approximately 80 per cent said they anticipated that one or more guest will bring a connected device to their house over the Christmas period. Of that 80 per cent, 79 per cent expected their guest to request their Wi-Fi password instead of using 3G or 4G data.

Dan Howdle, consumer broadband expert at, said that UK consumers should re-evaluate their usage and consider updating their broadband package as appropriate, in order to avoid any slow performance on Christmas day.

Howdle said to Computer Weekly: “Believe it or not, providers don't solely spend vast fortunes increasing available broadband speeds just to tempt you into a more expensive tariff.

“Increasingly, speedy broadband deals are simply a requirement of the number of devices that need an internet connection per household – a number that’s increasing at such a rate of knots, most households simply can’t keep up.”

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