Survey finds the average child owns a mobile at seven

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1st August 2016 13:31 - Telecommunications

Survey finds the average child owns a mobile at seven: A recent telecommunications survey has revealed that on average children now own their first mobile by the time they hit seven, highlighting just how savvy children are with new technology.

According to the 1,500 parents who took part in the survey, the average ages for owning different technologies were:

  • Mobile phone – seven years old
  • iPad – eight years old
  • Smartphone – ten years old

The survey also discovered that many children are able to use a television by the age of four, even before they are able to tie their shoelaces, swim unassisted and ride a bike without the use of stabilisers.

Children were also found to browse the internet as early as five years old, an average of seven years earlier than their parents did.

The findings revealed that the average youngster will own their own games console by the age of eight years old and a laptop by the time they hit 10 years old.

The researchers discovered that the reality contrasts significantly with what parents would like to happen.

Of the parents in the survey, 69 per cent said that they believe that children should not own their own mobile phones until they are a minimum of nine years old. A further 29 per cent said 12 would be the most appropriate age.

When looking at the gadgets in the average family home, it was found that 35 per cent now belong to youngsters under the age of 18. However, it was found that parents are still the ones paying for the devices.

The parents said that they spent approximately £1,000 purchasing gadgets for their children over the last five years, with some revealing that they spent as much as £10,000!

The Office for National Statistics’ figures suggested that more than 500,000 six year olds own an iPad, which represents 63 per cent of all six year old children in Britain.

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