Survey reveals £811 million spent annually on needless phone charges

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22nd June 2016 17:25 - Telecommunications

A recent survey which was conducted by in March 2016 has revealed that telecoms consumers in Britain have spent an aggregate total of £811 million per year in addition to their monthly tariffs.Survey reveals £811 million spent annually on needless phone charges

The survey of 2,000 people in the United Kingdom also revealed that 42 per cent are charged an extra £39.72 every year and cited going over data limits as the largest culprit for the extra fees, with 39 per cent citing mobile data charges as the most common reason for going over their tariff.

With reference to the findings, uSwitch have suggested that many telecoms customers are on the wrong tariffs for their streaming, browsing and download requirements.

Of the respondents, 23 per cent said that they have been forced to pay more than their original tariff after being caught out by premium rate texts and calls. A further 1 in 5 said that they have been caught out by roaming costs whilst using their phone abroad. Moreover, 13 per cent said that their extra charges came from going above their call minute allowances and another 9 per cent said that making calls to foreign countries was the reason.

The market research findings also suggested that 37 per cent of the respondents do not know the difference between SMS and MMS messages, resulting in 19 per cent of people being charged extra for sending MMS messages, which are messages which include multimedia content.

A telecom analyst from uSwitch, Ernest Doku, said that he found the results of the survey frustrating, as it suggests that many people are not choosing the right tariffs.

Doku also claimed that the adoption of smartphone has made consumers more keen to browse the internet and stream videos, all which can incur extra costs.

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