Survey reveals best and worst broadband speeds of providers in UK

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9th April 2019 15:35 - Telecommunications

Survey reveals UK's best and worst broadband speeds: A survey into how fast broadband speeds are in the UK has found Virgin Media on top with average download speeds of 71.5Mbps, while rival Sky is at the bottom of the table with an average speed of 17.1Mbps.

The poll by comparison website Broadband Genie conducted almost 13,000 speed tests to find out which companies performed best and how they compare to one another.

Second to Virgin was Vodafone with speeds of 24.9Mbps, followed by EE (23.5Mbps), BT (22.3Mbps), Plusnet (20.6Mbps), TalkTalk (17.2 Mbps) and Sky (17.1Mbps).

The test also looked at uploads speeds with Vodafone ranking top with speeds of 10.1Mbps followed by Virgin Media (7.7Mbps); EE (6.8mBPS); BT 6.6Mbps; Plusnet (5.7Mbps); TalkTalk (5.3 Mbps) and Sky again at the bottom with a speed of 5.2Mbps.

While Virgin offers much faster speeds running on its own broadband network (rather than the Openreach phone line used by many other companies) - Virgin is available in fewer areas - believed to be around 65%).

* Ultra-fast fibre broadband (FTTP) was not included in the tests due to it not being available in many areas.

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