Survey uncovers best broadband providers in the UK

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5th May 2016 15:51 - Telecommunications

A recent survey by Which? has revealed the broadband providers with the highest rates of customer satisfaction in the United Kingdom. Ranking highly were Zen Internet, Utility Warehouse and Plusnet.Survey uncovers best broadband providers in the UK

The market researchers questioned in excess of 3,700 individuals about their broadband service, as well as how they would rate their broadband provider on factors such as the ease and quality of reaching out to their customer services.

At the top of the list was Zen Internet, who achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 83 per cent. Following Zen Internet was Utility Warehouse, who achieved an 80 per cent customer satisfaction score. The two top providers were found to be amongst the more costly companies on the market; however, their customers told the researchers that they were happy to pay a little extra in return for good technical support and customer service.

Out of the providers in the survey, Plusnet was found to be the most liked mainstream broadband provider, with a 65 per cent customer satisfaction score.

Perhaps surprisingly, some of the United Kingdom’s largest broadband providers have been ranked towards the bottom of the list, such as BT and TalkTalk.

The list of broadband providers were ranked as follows:

1. Zen Internet (83 per cent)

2. Utility Warehouse (80 per cent)

3. Plusnet (65 per cent)

4. John Lewis (64 per cent)

5. Post Office (59 per cent)

6. Vodafone (58 per cent)

7. Virgin Media (54 per cent)

8. Sky (50 per cent)

9. EE (49 per cent)

10. BT (47 per cent)

11. TalkTalk (38 per cent)

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