Telecoms Survey Finds Mobile Broadband More Popular Than Public Wi-Fi

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26th June 2014 13:15 - Telecommunications

A survey conducted earlier this month has shown that mobile broadband is more popular than public Wi-Fi services for Internet connection amongst consumers.

The results showed that, assuming both sources had good signal, almost two thirds (63.35) would rather use mobile broadband (3G/4G), with just over one quarter (26.1%) opting to use public Wi-Fi. Of the 827 people questioned, 87 (10.5%) said they never use either.

Over half (52.7%) agreed they would only use public Wi-Fi if there was very poor or no 3G/4G signal, with 232 (28%) voters disagreeing with this statement. Almost one fifth (19.2%) answered ‘maybe’.

People’s main concern with Wi-Fi was the security of its connection (34.4%). Other worries included:

  • Fiddly sign-up forms – 25.1% (208 votes)
  • Sporadic coverage – 17% (141 votes)
  • Performance – 13.4% (111 votes)
  • Price – 7.3% (61 votes)
  • Other – 2.4% (21 votes)

This research was conducted by

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