Thai Internet Users Embrace Mobile Technology, Research Shows

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2nd October 2014 11:32 - Telecommunications

According to recent research, Internet users in Thailand spend more than three hours a day glued to their mobile phone.

Mobile phones are used most frequently late evening, with more than half (52%) of Thai Internet users admitting to using their device at this time of day. The study’s findings show that mobile phones are frequently used throughout the day by many: in bed when they wake up (17%); early morning (37%); during lunch (20%); late afternoon (47%); during dinner (17%) and in bed before they sleep (33%).

Collectively, Thai Internet users spend 3.1 hours a day on their mobile phone, compared to the 2.6 hours spent watching television, 1.5 hours dedicated to PC/laptop time and 0.7 hours used on tablets.

On a weekly basis, among Thai Internet users, accessing social network sites is the most popular form of digital activity, with weekly user figures for this type of recreation one fifth higher in Thailand (86%) than globally (66%).

Other popular digital activities for weekly Thai Internet users include: instant messaging or chatting - 62%; playing games via a mobile phone or tablet - 58%; reading news, sports or weather - 34%; watching recorded or on-demand videos online - 29%; researching products before purchasing - 21% and streaming music or radio stations online - 14%.

The study also uncovered that, for Thai Internet users, Facebook (87%) is the most popular social networking platform, ahead of YouTube (75%), Google+ (27%), Instagram (20%), Twitter (8%) and Hi5 (5%).

Line was elected as the most favoured instant messaging platform by two thirds (66%) of Thai Interntet users, surpassing Facebook Messenger (46%), WhatsApp (10%), Skype (10%), Tango (8%) and WeChat (6%).

Joe Webb, Head of Digital, APAC for TNS, said: “For many people in Thailand, the mobile phone is the primary way to access the Internet.

“Low levels of PC ownership historically has meant that people have embraced everything the mobile Internet has to offer and we are seeing high levels of engagement with diverse services via mobile. In this environment, it’s essential for brands to understand how to build a mobile-centric marketing strategy in order to succeed in the longer term.”

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