Third of mobile phone users say they 'don't need' 5G, reveals survey

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7th November 2019 14:19 - Telecommunications

Third of mobile phone users say they 'don't need' 5G: A survey of UK and US mobile phone users has revealed that a third of UK consumers feel like they 'don't need' a phone with 5G capabilities, despite 90% saying they had heard of 5G.

The survey of more than 2,000 mobile phone users in the UK and US looked at consumers perceptions of 5G and how enthusiastic they were to upgrade to the technology. 

Rather than rushing out to get 5G,, seven out of ten UK consumers said that they would rather wait until the technology is established. 

Looking at the survey results overall, more than half those polled said they expect that 5G will be a consideration when shopping around for their next mobile device. Around a third of people polled said that they expect to start using 5G in the next year. 

Interestingly, the survey found that despite 5G services being available in the US around 6 months before the UK, people in the UK have a higher awareness of the technology. 

When asked about the barriers towards using 5G, consumers cited not wanting to be tied into existing long-term phone contracts and not wanting to pay more than they are already paying as top concerns. 

When asked about what would encourage them to use 5G, 39% said they would like to see more attractive pricing,  with 29% wanting to see a better broadband performance. 

Other responses included a quick and easy installation (21%), no line rental (19%) and a single bill for mobile and broadband (17%).

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