Third of people report WiFi blackspots in their homes

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27th November 2019 11:07 - Telecommunications

Third of people report having WiFi blackspot in their homes: A new survey has found that a third of respondents polled have areas in their homes where their WiFi signal does not work. To try and remedy the issue of WiFi 'notspots', almost one in five (18%)  said they have relocated their router to another area to try and improve coverage. 

The research by broadband provider, Zen Internet found that despite broadband speeds increasing in recent years, many people still have issues when it comes to signal - which can be down to the architecture of a home or where the router is placed. Where the router is positioned might also be dictated by where the connection comes into the property. 

When asked about the factors to blame when it comes to loss of coverage, the survey of 2,000 UK adults found that almost a quarter (22%) blamed their internet provider, while 21% thought that having multiple devices connected at the same time impacted coverage. 

A quarter of respondents said they avoid certain areas of their home if they want to get online, while 15% revealing the situation has been so frustrating they have bought a signal booster in an attempt to improve the coverage. One in ten people said they had asked for a refund from their ISP as a result of not being able to get online. 

Chief executive of Zen Internet, Paul Stobart, said:

"It's the responsibility of the broadband industry to ensure consumers have the best service possible and this includes providing the tools to deliver this."

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