UK broadband consumers want quicker upload speeds

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10th October 2016 18:23 - Telecommunications

UK broadband consumers want quicker upload speeds: According to a recent survey, Brits are becoming more aware of upload speeds and thus are beginning to demand more from their internet service providers.UK broadband consumers want quicker upload speeds

Despite download speeds being a continuous problem in the United Kingdom, they are slowly starting to improve; however, upload speeds are have not seen much improvement.

Many differing internet service providers in the United Kingdom offer a variety of different broadband packages which offer quicker speeds but upload speeds are dragging them down. For example, many internet service providers now offer a 10, 30 and sometimes even 100Mbps download speed, virtually every provider offer a 12 to 19Mbps upload speed as standard.

Upload speeds are increasingly in demand, with internet users sharing more and more content online, such as images and videos. As well as this, the rise of live-streaming on apps such as Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitch and Twiter are forcing upload speeds into the spotlight and as a result consumers are demanding more upload speed options.

When ISPPreview conducted a survey of more than 2,000 individuals in the United Kingdom, a massive 94 per cent said that they were familiar with internet upload speeds, in comparison to the 4 per cent who knew their own package’s upload speed in November 2014. A further 30 per cent said that they require an upload speed of 20Mbps or even higher.

ISPPreview claims that the finding indicate that there has been a large shift over the last two years; however, 58.5 per cent of the survey respondents said that they did not believe that upload speeds mattered very much.

Of the respondents, 31.2 per cent said that they had upload speeds of 1Mps.

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