YouGov Poll Shows UK Smartphone Users Resistant to Mobile Advertising

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16th February 2011 12:29 - Telecommunications

A YouGov poll compiled for mobile marketing firm Upstream has revealed that users are not enticed by mobile advertisements, with smartphone owners more irritated by them than users of more limited mobile devices.

Just 32% of the more than more than 2 000 adults surveyed said they find internet advertising on their phones irritating, and a mere 14% said they had ever clicked on ad content using their mobile.

When collecting data from those who have smartphones, 23% of users have clicked on internet advertising (a higher proportion than the broad mobile market), but 47%, almost half of those surveyed who own Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and other smartphone OS devices, have voted mobile advertising as irritating.

Alex Vratskides, CEO of Upstream, commented: "Marketers need to base their thinking around mobile’s inherent limitations and advantages – devices will always involve small screens but it will always be a deeply personal medium. To play to its strengths, personalisation and intimacy must come into the equation".

"Consumers have zero tolerance for spamming or advert bombardment”, he added.

Major technology firms such as Apple and Google are targeting mobile advertising as a major growth market, but the research demonstrates that the public remains resistant.

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