More people in Europe choose to travel by car rather than public transport, survey finds

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11th December 2014 13:17 - Transport and Distribution

In cities across Europe, 54% would prefer to travel by car rather than by trams, trains and buses, a recent survey commissioned by the European Commission has found.

The survey questioned approximately 27,800 people across 28 countries, in October 2014.

It was also found that less than one-fifth (19%) of those surveyed travel by public transport, rather than drive.

Of the respondents in the Netherlands, it was found that 36% prefer to cycle and 45% prefer to drive.

Of those in Europe who claimed to use their car or bicycle to travel, cited speed and convenience as the main reasons for this.

The respondents, who claimed to use a car, motorbike or moped, revealed that if public transport offered a more frequent service, operated across a wider area and was cheaper, they would be more inclined to use the service.

Of those who used public transport to travel, the respondents claimed the reasons for their choice was its price, facilities and that it is convenient for them.

In Europe, 14% of people walked to their destination, 8% cycled, 2% travelled by motorcycle or moped and 2% travelled by train.

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