Research finds Europe’s ‘hottest’ locations for logistics

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18th February 2016 15:14 - Transport and Distribution

According to new transport and distributions market research, the hottest locations for logistics are Venlo, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels, however, the big emerging markets are in Eastern Europe and Central Europe.Research finds Europe’s ‘hottest’ locations for logistics

The research, which was conducted by Prologis, revealed that the top five locations were all Benelux countries.

All of the locations were scored against 11 criteria, such as road access, transport costs, availability of land and regulatory.

The South East Netherlands town, near the German border, Venlo, ranked the highest for the second time, after being ranked the highest in a similar survey in 2013.

Also appearing on the list was Istanbul, in 9th place.

Amongst the locations which were also in the 2013 report, the biggest improvements took place in Central and Eastern Europe.

At number seven in the ranking was Central Poland, whilst Prague ranked 11th. Both locations were found to rank highly for real estate costs and costs of labour.

Frankfurt and Amsterdam-Schipol, the air cargo hubs, were found to have lost ground also.

In total, 216 occupiers of logistics property, working in a range of industries, such as pharmaceuticals and automotive, ranked 100 logistics locations agains 11 criteria.

It was found that occupiers of logistics property favoured closeness of economic networks, low costs (i.e real estate and transport costs) and availability of skilled workers.

The market research also revealed that in the future, the most important factor for consideration when choosing a location would be the availability of staff. However, it was found that the importance of the availability of staff varies notably in each country and region. In Western Europe and the United Kingdom it is most important, whereas in the European borders, the availability of staff is less important.

According to the research, findings experienced and qualified staff remains a challenge in Europe.

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