Case Study
St Gobain

Sectors: Construction Industry
Service(s): Face-to-face, Qualitative
Approach(es): Branding and Advertising, Business 2 Business

The Challenge

St Gobain Glass commissioned  DJS Research to conduct a project on its product, Planitherm.

The broad objective of this project was to develop an understanding of the market’s views on the product, where best to position the product and how best to package the ‘proposition’.

A component of this ongoing project necessitated a process of ad testing.

The Approach

Concept ads were developed and tested qualitatively with respondents in the North and South of England

19 depth interviews were conducted, 10 in the South of the country and 9 in the North.  Interviews lasted 20-25mins.  All respondents had recently purchased double glazing or were considering purchasing new windows soon

Respondents discussed three series of adverts and were prompted on:

  • The ad’s ability to grab attention
  • The clarity of ads’ messages
  • The differentiating qualities of the ads
  • The relevance of the ads’
  • The motivating qualities of the ads

The Results

DJS presented St Gobain Glass with clear conclusions and recommendations as to which ad was most effective and which images and language styles to use.

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"DJS have never let me down, and in recent projects they have pulled out every stop imaginable to get the job done within ridiculously tight timescales. I always know that if I work with DJS I will get results and recommendations that are accurate and actionable, with creative presentations and analysis."

Saint-Gobain (October 2015)

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