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Omnibus Survey Market Research

Omnibus surveys are normally large scale market research surveys covering a nationally representative sample (or at least a sample that is in high demand) and containing a number of questions on a wide-range of topics. Questions are often supplied by a number of different clients - allowing them to share the costs for screening and setup, whilst also giving them access to the answers to their own questions and any relevant demographic data.

Another key advantage of omnibus surveys are that they generally on-going, meaning that clients can recieve a response to their research questions fairly quickly. The key disadvantage is that the sample is general, and thus questions can not be too specific or focus on a niche product or service; in addition, due to the small number of questions each client normally utilises, it is hard to probe fully into a topic. As a result, they are often used to gain a broad feel for the answer to a question or to quickly guage the response to a particular query.

Omnibus surveys are generally conducted online, by post, or on the telephone.

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