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Primary Market Research

Primary market research is the collection of primary data – data that is collected first hand from a customer or consumer. It can be carried out by utilising a variety of different market research methodologies such as: surveys, focus groups, personal interviews, observations and field trials. Primary market research feeds into secondary market research (e.g. desk research which includes data that already exists).

An advantage of primary market research is that it is tailored to suit the study making it bespoke and fit for purpose. However, it can be costly to obtain and can take time whilst doing so. Furthermore, there is a risk of survey bias because the research samples may or may not be representative of the whole population. On the other hand, primary market research is more likely to be up to date compared with secondary market research and will provide a deeper understanding of the consumer or customer. In conclusion, primary market research is extensive in nature but it does have costing and timing implications. 

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